Logo del Proyecto creadoras que consiste en 3 letras C entrelazadas de color naranja


In order to activate a social change that leads to gender equality within the Venezuelan visual arts, Ana Volante created this exhibition with CAF (Banco de Desarrollo de America Latina) and GBGArts.

With the CREADORAS, Ana hopes to raise her voice for the rights of women and gender diversity in the cultural field, and to set a precedent for the historiography and the market of Venezuelan and Latin American art.

The exhibition UNA = TODAS (One = All) is open to the public at the National Art Gallery from June 2023 until the end of 2023.

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A journey through modern Venezuelan design, from 1940s until now, that’s what COMPENDIO is. A project of Mobel Siglo XX, Volante Studio, Atelier Caracas, GBG Arts, and Oda Eric Brewer, five companies that came together to give a glimpse of the dynamic and amazing development of Venezuelan design, shaped by sociopolitical shifts, economic ups and downs, and global tendencies.

In COMPENDIO, you will see an homage to the Venezuelan design heritage and how it has adjusted to the current challenges and trends. It is a call to explore and value design in all its variety and inventiveness, bringing together more than 50 pieces from 30 designers.

The exhibition is a chance to get to know the stories and processes behind each piece, as well as to support the new wave of creators who keep striving for quality design in Venezuela.


We believe that art is for everyone. That’s why we have created a space where you can attend talks and workshops on Art History, Interior Design, Architecture, Decoration, Travel Chronicles and more.

We have specialized teachers and artists who will make you experience art in a simple and dynamic way, sparking your curiosity and interest for knowledge.